Future Rockets will fly people from country to country!


2017 International Astronautical Congress

Mr. Elon Musk, the CEO and Chief designer of the SpaceX, has unveiled his Martian plan to the audience. The 46-years old man announced his new plan at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held in Adelaide, Australia. He revealed the public about his plan on sending humans to Mars in 2024. He also added that for now it is still in theoretical part, he stated that the execution of the plan will start by next year. After this, Musk revealed another exciting new to the public, his plan of covering long-distance trips in half-an-hour time.

Welcome to the future!

Surprisingly, he announced that the passenger can travel anywhere on Earth in half-an-hour by using the same Mars-travelling technology. Mr. Musk also added that some of the customers are willing to see how the BFR will fly. He also showed the demonstration of the long-travel idea on stage with the help of a demo video. Let’s see what the promotional video illustrates. A group of people travel from New York to Shanghai, they walk towards the vessel which takes them to the SpaceX rocket located on a floating platform. Then the passengers shifts from the ships to the rocket, after that the rocket blasts into the orbit around the Earth. It reaches a top speed of around 16,800m.p.h then, it safely lands on a platform at Shanghai. The rocket reaches the Shanghai within 39 minutes from New York.

Travel across countries in minutes!!

The SpaceX also revealed the traveling times between some other cities too. Well, the traveling time for Hong Kong to Singapore will be in 22 minutes, Los Angeles to Toronto in 24minutes and London to Dubai/New York in 29 minutes. Moreover, the same Mars-rocket technology will be used to carry the passenger for point-to-point travel anywhere on Earth.

Mr. Musk also stated that the company will build more Falcon 9 and Dragon vehicles to make the passenger comfortable of using the old rocket and old spacecraft. He said that the space activity is costly, simply because it was disposable. He said that idea of operating the rocket system like the airliners, where the cost is for only the fuel in the tanks. Hence, his Falcon 9 rocket will be reusable. Yes, only the same vehicle will fly and again.

The presentation of Mr. Musk attracted everyone at the IAC, but the only remark, felt by their business customers was that the SpaceX is diverting its scientist’s energy on the process of building the new-rocket which is planned to start next year.