Five most useful video compressing software for windows


Have you wondered thinking that how a full HD movie comes in size around 1GB but while recording using your Handycam or mobile camera in full HD resolution, 1GB size gets consumed just in 10-15 minutes of recording?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is “video compression“.

The movies which we download or watch over the internet are compressed version, hence their sizes are comparatively smaller than the video of the same length we record from our mobile device or Handycam.

Now, you may need to understand how these ‘video compression” works?

Well, there are two major methods of compression, one is called Intraframe Compression and other is Interframe Compression.

IntraFrame Compression:

In simple words, this method of compression compresses each frame of a video individually and then merges each frame to form compressed video.

Now, suppose we have a 10 minutes video in 1080p (1920×1080) recorded at 30 FPS, which means there are 30 full HD frames in one second. So, with Intraframe Compression, the system (software) splits each frame and compresses it using any standard algorithm, such as JPEG.

Once the compression is done to each frame, the system merges them all to form the compressed video.

Sadly, this technique fails to save data (size) efficiently. And hence we go for the second option, which is Interframe Compression.


InterFrame Compression:

In simple words, this method of compression compresses the video by analyzing the frames and pixels.

Now suppose, we have a 10 minutes video in 1080p (1920×1080) recorded at 30 FPS, which also means there are 30 full HD frames in one second. So, with Interframe compression, the system analyses each pixel color of frames and checks which are static pixels.

Those pixels are static throughout the video, are just instructed to not to change anything, hence huge data/memory is saved.

The system also predicts next frame by comparing last few frames and hence instruct to change or not to change pixel values.

Interframe Compression is the most commonly used video compression technique.


Five Best Video Compression Software for Windows

Blaze Media Pro:

Blaze Media Pro is one of the best software for video compression and  the interesting part is, it’s free to use. You don’t need any type of license for it.

It is easy, efficient and very productive.

So, if you are looking for some professional type result without spending any money, use this.

Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder:

This video compressing software is something which is liked by professionals and is advised to those, who want  a free software without paying a bit.

It supports almost all formats to convert a video in.

Total Video Converter:

One of the most commonly used video compressor, which can be used for several other purposes like splitting some part of the video, changing formats etc.

It also helps in converting audio files.

The software is not fully free as you need to buy the license after the free trial.

STOIK Video Converter:

STOIK Video Converter stands for converting video to other formats, compressing them etc.

Unfortunately, it is not free to use, which means you have to buy the license once the free trial period ends.

Prism Video Converter:

Now, this software is capable of doing several sorts of works like compressing and converting formats. Additionally, you can upload several videos of different format and change all of them in same format simultaneously.