Facebook Trials the New Splitting News Feed Post


The Facebook news feed is the landing page when you open the Facebook app on your phone or log via the web browser on the PC. This page hosts recent posts and updates from friends and family, memes, photos, advertisements and so on. Now, at present what we see in News feed is a single consolidated feed that displays everything on a single page.

However, some people prefer to have separate places for personal and public posts. In order to achieve this, Facebook has planned to bring dramatic changes by splitting it into two posts. The first post will show only the updates from your friends and relatives, while the secondary post will include posts from publishers known as Explore feed.

Moreover, this change will definitely allow the people to spend more time for reading their posts and find the relevant post. And it also paves way for many organizations and businesses to distribute their success stories and other informations.

As of now, users in the countries like Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Serbia, Cambodia, Guatemala and Slovakia will now able to see this split news feed. Adam Mosseri, Facebook Executive in News Feed said, at present, this trial is limited to users in the six countries only. And, there is no other plan for a global test for their 2 billion users.

Goal of this Testing

As per the people wish, Facebook has split its news feed page for the personal and public posts. Moreover, Mosseri told we will hear the people’s opinion about how well it experiencing their issues and therefore we can understand whether this idea is worth pursuing for future or not.

Result of the Test

The Slovakian journalist Filip Struharik wrote a Medium post about this new change. He wrote the news feed pages are seeing dramatic drops in Facebook’s website traffic. Yes, as per his words, the Facebook web traffic gets affected on Thursday and Friday by two-thirds when compared to the previous day.