Facebook is going to Unlock Your Account using the Facial Recognition Technology


Nowadays, our face receives more attention on verifying a person’s identity. We have seen the facial recognition technology in Samsung smartphone and in Apple iPhone X. Now, one of the world’s leading social media, Facebook is going to launch facial recognition technology. Well, most of us are familiar with the word Facebook and uses of it. The Facebook user can enjoy scrolling the newsfeeds and can chat with their friends. If in case, the facebook account was locked, the locked account user only knows the helpless feeling at the time when seeing their account was locked suddenly. Your account might be locked due to an incorrect password or it may be hacked by the hackers. There are ways to recover your locked account but it will take some time.

Two-Factor Authentication and Google Authenticator:

Well, most of the companies use the two-factor authentication for verifying the user. During the verification process, the user will receive a SMS along with a confirmation code. Sometimes, this method will take some time because of its insecure network. The Google uses the Google Authenticator, an app-based option for verification and to identify that only the user is trying to unlock their own account.

Earlier, the Facebook asked its user to identify their friend’s pictures or to assign some trusted individuals for receiving the codes. After receiving the codes, the codes are used to unlock their account. The Facebook has decided to bring a new way along with this two-factor authentication for verification. As mentioned earlier, this technology uses the face recognition technology for identifying the person. Moreover, Facebook is also going to follow the same method for unlocking the locked account.

How Face Recognition Feature Works?

The face recognition feature in Facebook will scan the user’s face and compare it with the photos or videos which the user have uploaded earlier. The Face recognition feature will also compare the scanned photos with the photos you were tagged in for verification. Remember, this face recognition method will work only on the device which you logged in earlier. Once, the face recognition feature confirms that you are the owner, then it will give you access to your account.

Some might fear that the face recognition feature in Facebook might be a spy or it will leak your personal information in social media. So, the Facebook have to keep the user’s information safely and secure as a note of convincing its user to continue its face recognition feature.


Moreover, the face recognition feature now went for the beta test. It is expected that soon the Facebook will launch the face recognition feature for the public as one of the method for verification to unlock the account. This face recognition method will help the user to quickly get access into their locked account. Let’s wait and see whether the face recognition method will be secured than the two-factor authentication in future.