Enjoy a thrilling experience with XC90


Enjoy a thrilling experience with XC90Front&BAck

The XC90 is one of the larget SUVs of Volvo and hence, the firm cannot just afford to get third generational update from the single mistake. Volvo with its two major and latest technologies made 2016 XC90 quite enticing. XC90 does not seem to be very interesting at the first look. In comparison to the previous one, it is lower with brawny stance. Subtleties have been revealed after several close examinations in the design, like unadorned nose, curvy etc. The openings of the headlight in fender lack trim, makes up a really smooth and flawless design. The assembly of the headlight simply includes the parking light pattern, known as the “Hammer of Thor” by Volvo.

Mind blowing features


Although this fantastic car does not appear very huge from the outside, it comprises of three-row seating arrangements. Pulling the second row a bit forward, allows sufficient space in the thirds-row seating. A number of engine options are provided by Volvo in all across the globe, like turbocharged V-6 and others. But T8 is one of the most intriguing versions that utilize unique plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric drivetrain. The gasoline engine is 2-liter four cylinder that uses a supercharger and turbocharger, which is almost similar to the present production engine of Volvo, S60 model. The supreme quality engine simply powers the front wheels via the eight-speed automatic transmission.


Engine economics


The rear wheels are driven by the 60-kilowatt electric motor and the central tunnel is equipped with a battery pack. The high end motor can drive the XC90 swiftly. This model comes with a vast range of around 25 miles, considered as the zero-emission vehicle. The electronics of the car‘s drive combine the electric motor power as well as the engine power, hence determining the requirements of excess torque on the rear and front wheels in order to cope up easily with the slippery road conditions. The batter gets recharges when plugged directly into the grid as well as from regenerative braking. This car model is equipped with top audio system from British supplier Bowers & Wilkins, the designer of audio system for Maserati.

With this amazing car you will feel like flying across the clouds and the excellent looks will make you fall in love with it.

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