Dual Lens Camera Explained in Different Mobile Devices


As we all know that Apple has recently launched its two new variants, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with dual lens cameras at the rear side.

Now, most of us, who don’t have much knowledge of dual lens cameras in phones, would say that Apple is the first company to launch such feature.

But wait, Apple is not the first one, before Apple several other giant companies, such as LG, HTC, Huawei etc. have already come up with this technology.

What is Dual Lens Camera and Why it is Helpful:

Smartphones which have dual back cameras or dual front cameras (aka selfie cameras) are called as dual lens camera phone.

The specification of both cameras depends on what manufacturer wants to deliver to their customer.

And if we talk about its advantages, then in simple words, it enhances the quality of photos or videos to a premium level.

Phones Currently Have Dual Lens Cameras:

iPhone 7 and Plus:

In IPhone 7 and 7 Plus, both cameras are completely different from each other. One lens is 28mm while the other is of 26mm, which helps in taking at least 2x optical zoom without losing any quality.

LG G5 or LG V20:

In LG devices, the first lens acts as the main (primary) camera and the second lens is a wide-angle lens, which basically helps in taking wide-angle shots from your phone itself.


In HTC devices, both lenses are used to a different purpose. The first lens as said, a primary camera and secondary one are for calculating the depth of the pixels from the frame, which basically helps in analyzing background and foreground of the image and eventually you get a DSLR type photo.

Huawei Honor 8:

In Huawei devices, both lenses are same, but first lens or primary lens, is for capturing normal photos and another lens or secondary lens which has a black & white sensor, hence can only capture black & white images. Now, because of this, the results from both lenses even stand amazingly in low light condition.

Advantages of Dual Lens Cameras:

  1. Higher Accuracy in Depth – With two lenses, the system gets a wider aperture, which eventually allows extra light to pass to the sensor and this result in producing pictures with greater depths.
  2. Blazing Fast Focus – As compared to single lens camera, dual lens camera has faster focus, which saves your time without hurting the quality of image.
  3. Refocus Ability – Phones with dual lens cameras, have feature of refocusing the pictures even after the photo has been taken. This features helps mostly in separating foreground and background with a blur effect.
  4. Enhanced Picture Details – When so many features are included in dual lens camera, then it becomes obvious that the outcome of such camera will surely be awesome.


Future of Dual Lens Cameras:

It seems now that taking a 360-degree photo or video will become easier as companies will be experimenting their phones with dual lens cameras on both sides.

QUALCOMM has recently launched it new processor which supports dual lens camera functionality. We can also take this a positive sign as we could soon get mid-range smartphones with such functionality of the dual camera.

Overall, in the technical field, especially in the smartphone industry, the possibilities are endless. We can really assume, what will come up next.