Different Ways to Motivate Employees


In this article, I will try to explain different ways to motivate your empoyees. A manger’s effectiveness depends, on the willingness of his employees to do the assigned tasks with interest and enthusiasm. Therefore motivation is the work that every manager performs to encourage his employees. Technically, motivation can be traced to the Latin word movere, which means “to move”. Motivation is the most important factor affecting human behaviour. It not only affects factors such as learning and perception but also the overall performance of the employee. That is why managers attach great importance to motivation in the organisation.

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Motivation is an internal feeling. It arises from individual’s needs and wants. Because human needs are unlimited, so motivation is also a continuous process. However, there are a number of factors responsible for motivating an unmotivated employee. They may be monetary factors such as money, rewards, cash benefits or non-monetary factors such as recognition.

Different Ways to Motivate Employees:motivate-key-money

  1. Money is the key: Money is the major reason why people work. It should not be ignored. A well deserving employee should also be paid well. Money not only satisfies physiological needs such food, shelter, clothing etc. But also social and security needs.
  2. Fill in the gap between employee and manager: What is employee expected to do? And how he should achieve it? Are the questions that every manager should answer. The employee goals should be clear and there should be no ambiguity.
  3. Job Enrichment: The basic idea of job enrichment is, in order to motivate employees their jobs should be enriched. One of the popular beliefs is that the key to successful employee productivity is job enrichment. This job enrichment can be done through adding greater responsibility, autonomy, recognition or advancement. It is an outgrowth of Herzberg’s two factor theory of motivation
  4. Better Work Environment: A healthy work environment not only include the physical environment but it also means a cordial relationship with subordinates, peer and manager. It is an important aspect of any organisation. A healthy relation between the employees can be created through involving their families as well. Such as organising a get-together or arranging a stay in a resort with the family.
  5. Recognizing the differences between individuals: No two individuals are the same and different people have different needs. For some employees challenging job may work as a great motivator whereas for others increase in pay can motivate.

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The success of any organisation depends on how effectively managers are able to motivate their subordinates. The result of motivated employee is job satisfaction, less labour turnover and less absenteeism. Further a well motivated employee is a loyal employee too.