Can Android get Viruses from Internet


If you are new to Android, you must be wondering whether Android Phones can get affected by Viruses or not.

Several people suggest getting some best-known antivirus from PlayStore to keep the job done.

However, on the other hand, experts believe that there is no need of any antivirus in Android device.


Is AntiVirus require in Android Phone:

So, the first thing you should know about Android is, it is based on Linux Kernel.

And if you are known to Linux, you must be knowing that viruses can not affect a Linux based system (not with ease at least).

So, if you are a normal Android phone user, you don’t need any type of antivirus installed on your phone until and unless you don’t download apps from untrusted source, don’t open untrusted websites etc.

Steps You can Take to Keep Your Phone Safe:

If you don’t want to use antivirus on your phone, as it consumes a lot of memory, which eventually ends up slowing down your phone, have a look at below suggestions:

#1 Don’t download apps from Untrusted Store:

Experts suggest that user should only download apps from Google Play Store or if in case, it is not available in the store, try downloading from the trusted third party store (like Amazon Store), but never ever download and install from any untrusted source.

#2 Never Visit any Suspicious Websites:

Sometimes Google Chrome releases a warning regarding some website if it feels unsafe for your phone, never try to visit such websites. However, other browsers also have capabilities to do the same.

Clicking on malicious ads while watching something online is also another way, by which you can download a virus from the internet.

#3 Avoid Getting Root Access:

Well, this doesn’t increase or decreases security, but in simple words, you can understand that after root access, you use your phone in administrator mode, and if anything happens to your phone in that mode, it becomes little hard to recover it back.

#4 Keep Your Android Updated:

With every update, Google tries to enhance security, so it becomes to keep your phone updated.

In today’s world, software freaks are coming up with new threats every day and to keep yourself safe, you need to be updated with latest security features.

#5 Avoid Connecting to unknown or untrusted WiFi Networks

In greed of using free WiFi, most of us just go and connect without thinking of anything. But do you, this could harm your phone.

For a bad hacker, this is the easiest way to send viruses or malware on your phone.

So, it is advised to not to connect any available free Wifi.

What If you Have Downloaded Suspicious Apps

Here comes the beauty of Android, if you have downloaded any app accidentally from untrusted source, then it won’t harm your phone until and unless it gets installed on your phone.

So, at first try to avoid such advertisements or if you have downloaded something accidentally, delete them without wasting any time. Don’t ever try to open and see what it is.