Bose SoundLink Color: A decent product in itself


Bose SoundLink Color: A decent product in itself

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Bose SoundLink Color is an affordable and compact Bluetooth speaker and it is portable, light weight, providing high quality sound. As compared to its small size, the sound is really amazing. The speaker can work at a stretch for around 8 hours; the battery can be recharged quickly via the micro-USB.

Bottom Line



Bose SoundLink Color provides the users with solid Bluetooth sound, in a portable and attractive package.

Bose is a reputed and experienced company. Heading into the middle age, it has now come out of its conservative mold and keeps focus on providing its customers with new, innovative and unique items.

The new edge speaker from Bose

If we consider this amazing speaker, SoundLink Color for an example, you can see how different it is from the previous products manufactured by them. This amazing Bluetooth speaker can be considered as the least expensive and lightest speaker of Bose, available at affordable rates AU$179 in Australia and £120 in UK. When then name of the speaker reflects the term “Color”, so individuals expect it to come in a wide array of palettes. But with the playful design, the company seems to be simply targeting the younger demographic.



As per the surveys, this blue model is really liked by the users; it is also available in other colours like mint, red, white, green and blue. It comes in a compact design – 5 inches wide, 2.1 inches deep, 5.3 inches high and 1.25 pounds weight. As per the company, it is designed in such a way that it can easily fit the knapsack, handbag as well as your palm. It is even perfect to be used in kitchen or in your kid’s room.


But it does not come with any carrying case and although looks as though it is water-resistant, still it is not rated by the users as such, the USB ports and the audio input remained exposed on the back. From the aspect of features, Bose has preferred to keep the model simple, equipped it with just the volume control buttons and play/pause button on the top. The speaker can be paired with two devices at a time, and the long batter life is really something very decent with compact sized Bluetooth speakers.

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