Blackberry’s new venture – ‘’Blackberry Passport’’ with dual-control keyboard

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Blackberry is set to mesmerize people with its brand new launch, Blackberry Passport. This handset has a distinctive appeal and look as it has a square screen along with a keyboard which has both touch enabled gesture controls and physical keys. This brand new handset will turn out to be quite a beneficial innovation for the business entrepreneurs and Work-focused individuals and users. The analysts think that this new handset from Blackberry will appeal to the existing Blackberry users and owner. Marty Beard, the Chief Operating Officer of Blackberry, says “our target segment is more enterprise-focused. It’s the power professional. It’s someone who wants to be productive. Those users tend to be in regulated industries like banking or healthcare or government. We know those segments really well – in a way it’s getting back to the Blackberry roots.”

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Perks of using Blackberry Passport

This handset has a 4.5 inches touchscreen which has a resolution of 453 pixels per inch (higher than iPhone6 plus). The square screen and the extra width provided in this handset make it easier for people to work on their phones and edit official documents. The touch sensitive keyboard buttons will be of great help to the users. The shortcuts based on gestures were restricted to the blackberry phones until now as the new handset, Blackberry Passport, is equipped with gesture-based shortcuts.

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Special Features

Blackberry Passport will be using a new operating system, Blackberry 10 OS 10.3 which will provide the users with a variety of new and improved features. The amazon app store might lack the popular photo sharing app, Instagram but it contains over 2, 40,000 Android apps that can be accessible to the ‘Passport’ users. Blackberry Assistant is also an interesting feature which would recognize voice commands promptly and reply back in English, German, Italian and Spanish. Most importantly, 3,450 mAhbattery will ensure up to 25 hours of runtime on mixed use.

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The name ‘Passport’ was given because of the size and the dimension of the phone. The Blackberry Passport resembles the thicker version of the travel document to a great extent.