Average Gaming PC Specs


Building a powerful gaming PC doesn’t only depend on how costly or the latest components you are assembling, as there are other factors too which affect a computer when it comes to gaming.

Well, if you are looking to buy a brand new powerful gaming PC and that too without spending thousands of dollars, then here we have come up with few suggestions.

As per as few expert, we should only be thinking and planning about the interior components of a CPU to get a better result but in my view, we must look exterior as well, as it gives the first impression.

External Beauty and Size

Now, talking about the exterior, I must say choose that design and color which you like the most. It shouldn’t be too huge or too small.

And please remember, the size of a CPU or its other stuff, doesn’t make it fast or reliable, so choose wisely.

Heart of a Computer: Processor

Starting with the most important component of a CPU, also known as the heart of a computer, Processor.

Processor, as the name suggests, handles all the processing stuff and hence it should be the huge one, in terms of power.

Now, you get to choose between dual core or quad core. As per as our suggestion, we suggest going for quad-core (unless your budget is extremely low).

For a certain level, dual core is also fine but few modern games fail to run smoothly.

A great GPU always enhances the gaming experience

Another very important component of the CPU is the graphics card, which aims to provide a very sharp and clear display for games.

But wait, here also you will be loading with dozens of graphics card and you have to choose one of them.

In my suggestion, choose those graphics card which can handle can handle almost every game in 1080p with full detail. Now, if you want to play at a higher resolution, like 2,560 x 1,440 or 4K, you should move up to an even more powerful card.

It’s better to choose from NVIDIA or AMD, as they are the best and well-known graphics card producer.

While choosing, you must keep in mind that you would need at least 1GB of memory if you have a display below 1080p resolution, which increases as the display size increases.

In our suggestion, go for 2 or 3 GB of memory.

Don’t waste money on increasing RAM counts

Going for 16 or 32 GB of RAM is completely waste of money.

As per as current market report, 8 GB of RAM is enough for almost all types of high-end games.

Now, you can choose 4GB as well, if you are not so fond of high-end games.

Solid State Drives are very useful

People think that more space is good and that’s why they go for 750GB of HDD rather than 200GB of SSD.

But here, SSDs are comparatively much faster than the traditional HDDs, which means, if a level while playing any game takes 30 seconds to load with HDDs, will take around 5-6 seconds with SSDs.

So, it’s better to go SSDs of 200 GB rather than 750GB of HDD.

Motherboard is really a mother of computer

Motherboards aren’t very costly but before choosing you must keep in mind that it should fulfill all the external requirements such built-in sound card, Ethernet adapter, and gobs of connectivity.

Now, you are done with all the basic components. Buy a monitor, as per as your requirement, connect with connecting wires and get going.