Are the Anti-Smartphones going to be the next Breakthrough?


Though Smartphones are probably, the most valuable recent addition to our life, some seems to be troubled because of its fascinating force, making people live in a comparable universe instead of focusing on what we call a ‘real life’. Anti-Smartphone is one of the modern devices, built to connect people and at the same time, to reduce smart phone addiction related stress. They are good-looking mobile phones that limits interruption and doesn’t demand our regular attention.

The Concept of Anti-Smartphone

The age-old basic bar and flip phones were used to make and receive calls. But, now technology has improved enormously and continues to improve every day, which has changed the grammar of a mobile phone. However, now a revolutionary concept of ‘Anti-Smartphones’ has emerged silently that the global mobile market has started to see some new low-tech, stylish phones. Anti-Smartphones also possess certain features of Smartphones like phone book, calculator, calendar, and sometimes even Bluetooth, WIFI, Internet connection, etc.

Rise of Anti-Smartphones in the market

Anti-Smartphones are practically unbreakable; their battery lasts for a week; and they possess features with limited distractions. Hence subsequently, they have become more popular in the market. For the past two years, there has been grown a strong negative movement against Smartphones, which might probably be due to the rise of Anti-Smartphones. Apart from these, some celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale were also spotted holding a retro-fashioned mobile phone at public occasions, which have also added to the people’s craze for this new concept phones.

Anti-Smartphones signifies a beginning of new era?

The modern Smartphones holds-up the user’s most of a day’s time, keeping them busily connected to a mass of community and other services. But, the Anti-Smartphones are aiming to offer the users, a break from the deep connectivity of modern life. Most people are moving on, to Anti-Smartphones to make their lifestyle simply different and free from addiction of modern Smartphone technologies. Though gaining constant attention from people and increasing popularity, these new phones have to wait a little to see if they are going to be the next breakthrough. Some of the successful or highly anticipated Anti-Smartphones are as follows.

The John’s phone

johns_phoneThe John’s phone is the world’s most fundamental cell phone. It allows the users to make calls and receive the calls, and that’s it. It does not contain the features of modern cell phones such as internet connections, Bluetooth, phone book etc. It is marketed as an ideal mobile for elderly people and technophobes.

The MP01

punk_mp01-designer-phoneThe Punkt’s MP01 was designed by Jasper Morrison, an eminent British designer. It mainly does two things, which are making calls and sending texts. This phone comes in black colour with angled shape and features rounded buttons, which all makes it easy to hold. It is designed to use as little as possible.

The light phone

light-phoneLight phone is the well-groomed and real anti-Smartphone. It is a very good-looking handsome phone from Joe Hollier and Kaiwai, created during the Google’s 30 Weeks incubator. Just insert the SIM card, make calls and that’s it, the phone’s functions are all it. There is no games, no browser, no NFC (Near Field Communication) or any other extraordinary apps. But, the later versions of light phone possess the ability to connect with smartphones through some apps.

Elari Nanophone

elari_nanophoneIt is an effective, slim, credit card sized Anti-Smartphone. It features Bluetooth connection that suits for travelling purposes and the battery capacity ensures long standby time, up to 3 days.  It is an ultimate choice for business people who require a second phone.

The Runcible

runcibleThe Runcible is a round, pebble-like Anti-Smartphone created by Monohm, which is specially designed for humans those who are greatly dispassionate by the hyper connectedness of typical Smartphones. The device is highly customizable, enabled with characteristics of Smartphones like, taking pictures, videos, sending text and make calls.

Thus the new age Anti-Smartphone allows users to have their concentration on the real world, instead of the digital virtual world. They are simple in their appearance and very basic in their features. Hopefully, people would cherish, the low cost Anti-Smartphones, making the real world of humans, a joyful one.