Apple’s iPad: Expected to be released on October


Apple’s iPad: Expected to be released on October

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 have been recently launched in the market and received overwhelming response. The speculation about the other devices of Apple is on the traction of the rumour mill. A refreshing appeal is expected with the latest Apple iPad before the arrival of the holiday seasons. This is accompanied by the refreshment of the new MAC computers, iPad Mini and iPad Air, which is also on the prediction list. The details regarding the announcement of the next gen iPads have not been revealed by the Cupertino, Calif. Company. But recently some hints came up which reflect that the product will launch in the month of October. Apple is a popular name in the world of tablets, and it has maintained a consistent history of tablet refreshment during the fall time. The presumption of October release date falls in sync with the firm’s MO.

Extra features

It is true that there is no certainly, but on the basis of the safe bets we can expect to view this. The latest iPads will work on iOs 8 operating system and Apple will make it more exclusive by adding an A8 processor, Touch ID sensor and NFC capabilities. Further details about the features of the brand new iPhone remain speculative.

Expandable memory

Apple has almost doubled the capacity available at the two price points, 128GB and 64 GB in comparison to the last year models of 64GB and 32 GB respectively. The price for the 128 GB model is $799 and for the 64 GB model it is $599. If the game plan is replicated by Apple, then the prices could drop to $699 and $599 respectively. It would really be a shower of blessings and a welcomed sight as it is quite unlike to come across expandable memory feature, but it’s still not clear whether it would be possible or not.




The announcement regarding the exclusive and superb sized 12.9-inch Apple iPad is surrounded by dubious rumours as well as the hottest gossip for the 2015 release. The huge tablets are still not reigning the tablet market, with Samsung and Toshiba, the two most popular manufacturers have attempt to tackle the task, the strong following of Apple might catch up with this flailing trend.


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