Apple receives iphone 6 complaints of bending iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

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Within a few weeks since Apple launched its brand new iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, the users have started complaining that they have spotted noticeable ‘bending’ or ‘curving’ of their brand new iPhones after carrying them in their pockets and this iphone6 complaints has become hot news in tech world. The issue was raised by an user in a forum, after which several other users joined invehemently agreeing that their expensive/one of a kind phone needs to be treated carefully to avoid unwanted bending of the phone. This issue is tagged as ‘bend-gate’ and a lot of users have already posted videos and photographs from which one can evidently state that it is possible for the phones to develop a ‘bending’ due to its sleek design and most importantly aluminum body. The iPhone6 plus users in particular seem to be facing this problem.


Could wearing skinny jeans and trousers be responsible for the ‘bend-gate’ issue?

People usually have a tendency to keep their iPhones in front or hip pockets. The new iPhones are apparently too delicate and fragile to be carried around in pockets. However, it is still not completely clear how grave or serious the issue of ‘bend-gate’ actually is. The topic is up for debates.


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Hear it from iPhone Users

Meanwhile, people who have been using iPhones for several years claim that they faced the same kind of problem even with iPhone5 soon after it was launched but the issue did not hog a lot of attention. Pictures of ‘bent’ iPhones under the topic ‘bend-gate’ are trending on twitter currently. One of the users even posted a video while demonstrating, how easy it is to bend an iPhone6 plus by applying a little bit of pressure.

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What Apple has to say about the ‘bend-gate’ issue: –

Apple claims even after receiving a handful of iphone6 complaints that the phones underwent arduous stress tests and the materials used in manufacturing of the phones are strong and durable enough to withstand external pressure. The company also says that only nine customers have complained about the ‘bending’ issue so far and it might be due to manufacturing defect of a certain lot.

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