Apple defends against the Report of Bloomberg


Apple Inc has responded to Bloomberg’s report with an announcement that the report is ‘completely false’. Apple has launched the most anticipated iPhone X back on September 12 along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But unfortunately, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has caught up with some issue which muted the demand for both the devices. The media and some reports were started to indicate that the shipping of iPhone X was reduced. On such report is a Bloomberg report, which states that the Face ID accuracy was reduced to increase the production.

What does the Bloomberg report say?

A Bloomberg news report reveals that Apple has reduced the accuracy of the iPhone X’s facial recognition feature to increase its production. The report also comes with a quote from the trusted people, who are familiar with the iPhone X production. The Apple has told its suppliers to reduce some of the technical specifications for facial-recognition technology, as per the quotes.

Apple’s Statement regarding the Production

According to Apple’s recent statement, they said that the iPhone X will go on sale from November 3rd with the Face ID feature. The Company is maintaining the same quality and one-in-a-million accuracy for unlocking the device with Face ID technology. There is no secret, that Foxconn Technology has tugged 200 workers off an iPhone X, back in last month. This made the Apple Company face some issues on manufacturing the iPhone X, especially the production of the 3D sensor was slowed down. The company has solved this problem by reducing the accuracy according to the Bloomberg’s report.

The Face ID technology is one of the most expected features in iPhone X, which uses a mathematical model of user’s face to unlock the device. The Apple has replied to the Bloomberg report, that their statement was completely wrong and is still maintaining the same face ID accuracy.

However, the Bloomberg’s report didn’t mention the date when the Apple told its suppliers to reduce the requirement. Yes, they haven’t mentioned whether it is before or after the one-in-a-million accuracy feature was launched at a press conference on September 12.