Android Pay Supports Visa Checkout Process for Online Payments


Exactly a year ago, Google announced the strategic partnership with Visa and Mastercard to bring Android Pay to more countries. Actually, they planned to introduce this integration in early 2017, but we haven’t heard much about it as of now. Luckily, the Visa Checkout supports on Android Pay is now be rolling out to some users, which is officially reported on the Visa Payment blog post.

In the fast-growing world, inserting or pulling out a card from the physical wallet becoming an older trend and that’s why people are using the options like Visa Checkout process. The enrolled users don’t have to fill out their credit/debit card number or invoicing address, etc.

Instead, this process requires only a username and password that makes the customers to make online payment easily like e-commerce site or while purchasing a mobile app, but the tricky part is actually you cant pay for you coffee with this. Yes! you can only use this service for online purchases. This single sign-in experience makes easier for customers to checkout their payment process.

Android Pay Integrates Visa Checkout

Users who already use Visa Checkout for shopping online or already use Android Pay will now have the new method for online purchase. Yes, the users can make easy and secure payments in e-commerce sites with a single tap. And, the Android Pay will take care of all the billing/shipping info. But, you have to authenticate your purchase by using the fingerprint scanner, iris scanner or other bio-metric security methods. So, hereafter there is no need to remember your password or username in order to checkout.

In addition to this, the retailer who has integrated their Visa Checkout platform on their site will also have the access to the 3-D Secure 2.0 specification and EMVCo Token Service (VTS) standard. These standards will let the user’s payment process in a more secure way.

We don’t know whether this service rolled out for every people or for just for few people. Anyway, this new payment method will surely reach the heart of the customer and simplify their payment process in future.