Amazon’s Echo Speakers shortly launching in UK and Germany


Amazon has come up with its Virtual Assistant Echo Speakers (VAES) that is planned to be launched in U.K, Austria and Germany. Virtual Assistant Echo Speakers are known for the inbuilt artificial intelligence with a marked success in the US. Now, Amazon has planned to introduce VAES to European and other countries too. This machine could answer questions, develop shopping lists, control devices connected to internet and link in to numerous 3rd party services like Spotify, BBC and Uber News.

If you rise queries related to health or marketing, its reply is diplomatic as well as factual giving you a chance to build up with the information in a prospective way. It’s likely to make entry into your essentials list rather than a choice for its uniqueness in responding to you as may feel that’s not a     man-machine conversation but an interaction between two persons caring each other. Discount offers to prime subscribers during pre-launching and launching hours.

Local Accents:

Sales figures are not necessarily disclosed by Amazon but it’s estimated by the analysts that ranging between 1.6 million and 5 million speakers are sold during the period of release i.e., between November, 2014 and June, 2016. Its amazing success rate in U.S evokes overwhelming response from across other parts of the world but Amazon has further fine-tuned VAES to handle the local accents. Google has also raised the curtains to unveil its plan of launching its own make this year. Smartphone, P.C. and T.V based Virtual Assistants – Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana are the main competitors of this Amazon product VAES with Artificial Intelligence.


Voice dependent:

Amazon has explicit mention of two types of Echo speakers in vogue – U.K and Germany viz., Original Echo and the Dot Speakers.

Original Echo is a mono-speaker, cylindrically designed and 7 microphones are fitted over this mono-speaker which is automated to you, when you call Alexa – the name of virtual assistant or any other alternative wake word.

The Dot type of Echo speaker is equipped with voice activated microphone array to Echo. Speaker is much smaller. The complex design facilitates its link with other audio-equipment via wired connection or Bluetooth. With this, Alexa could be extended to additional rooms too.

Tap is the third version of speakers in this series which has no alternative wake word other than Alexa that’s summoned just with a button press. BBC has come to know that this version is going to be introduced outside the U.S shortly.

Listening in:

VAES is a speaker device with artificial intelligence, more concerned with audition. But Google and Apple being in the race to compete effectively, have feedbacks such that it’s absence of visual screen.

The user has to master the commands to facilitate its functioning. Product updated to the extent of more personalization and tuning up to the context and language would definitely appeal more people.

This audio device has the advantage of answering your questions without requiring you to interact through visual interactions. But it’s certain that when you ask it “whether your door is locked”, it could answer only when you have smart locks. Speakers can also be used to play music, read books of audio version, weather forecasts and send car pick-up requests and more than 3,000 such skills. The newly added features include the National Rail-Travel updates; News summaries from sky sports, sky news, the telegraph and the Guardian; Recipes from branded services; suggest and order goods from Amazon itself.

Privacy fears:

The Amazon based Virtual Assistant Echo Speakers are carefully designed to avoid sending data back to Amazon’s servers unless there is specific wake command or button press. Personal data transcriptions and conversations history can be easily deleted using privacy app. Right from the beginning, Virtual Assistant Echo Speakers with Artificial Intelligence (VAES with AI) are known to ensure privacy, as personal conversations are secured enough. Though, its past bi-annual transparency reports do not have a mention of the details in respect of law enforcement requests, Amazon has this device with in-built security and privacy features in order to reduce the attempts to pirate and misuse the information.