Amazon Introduced Amazon Key Service to deliver your package inside your Home


Amazon e-commerce has made lot of effort to increase the delivery speed of its goods. On that note, Amazon have introduced the Amazon Prime twelve years ago to deliver the parcel on the same-day of ordering. There are so many ways for the Prime customers to receive the ordered items. Sometimes, the courier person leaves the ordered items outside the home, unsafely. Now, Amazon has brought a solution to this problem by introducing a new service, Amazon Key.

What is Amazon key service?

Amazon has launched this service back in Wednesday, the Amazon Key service comes with a security camera and smart lock. The combination of the Amazon’s cloud cam and the smart lock will allow the couriers to enter your home when you’re not there. Moreover, on considering the customers’ privacy, the customer will get a notification on what time the delivery will take place.

How does the Amazon Key work?

The courier man who arrived to your doorstep will scan the package’s barcode information and check it with the information sent to cloud cam at your home. The Amazon will verify whether the scanned package has reached the right address. Then, the delivery person will receive a prompt on their app and it will allow them to deliver the parcel inside the home with a swipe. After leaving the parcel, they re-lock the door with swipe and will leave your doorstep. The connected cloud camera will record the information. After that, the customer will receive the delivery notification along with the recorded video. The Amazon Key service also offers the keyless access to your friends and family members, for this you need to set some settings. Currently, this service is available in 37 cities around the US.

Bottom Line

Amazon says that only the trusted delivery team has got the permission to enter the customers’ home for delivering the parcel. To become a member of this new service, the customer needs to install the Amazon Key In-Home Kit which cost $250. If you want, you can buy only the Cloud Cam for $120. The pre-order for this in-home kit has been started, the service will come online on November 8.