Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Could Launch This Year


Amazon is an American E-Commerce and cloud computing company which was founded by Jeff Bezos on 1994 and based in Seattle. The Amazon is one of the largest Internet-based retailers around the world. Amazon not only sells other company products but also its own products. Well, the Amazon released its Echo system back in 2014 with Alexa voice-controlled assistant. Now, the Amazon is working hardly on a developing a pair of smart glasses with the Alexa voice assistant. The Amazon is also working for the home security camera. It is expected that the pair of smart glasses will have a unique design integrated with Alexa.

How does Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Work?

Alexa is an Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant. It enables the user to interact with the devices using their voice. As a voice-controller, the Alexa will transmit the sound with the help of bone-conduction technology. Yes, the Alexa will transmit the sound into the wearer’s head by vibrating their skull. According to the Financial Time report, it reveals that the pair of smart glasses will be comfortable for the wearer to hear Alexa. The wearer doesn’t need to wear the headset in the upcoming glass.

How do the smart glasses will look like? 

As mentioned earlier, the glasses will support the voice assistant feature. The glasses will come with the regular frame with the wireless connection option. Interestingly, it won’t have augmented reality features like the Google Glass or Snapchat Spectacles and also the display. There won’t be any camera or display which will make the battery life to last longer. The Amazon’s wearable glasses is going to become a big controversial among the people who criticized Google Glass for its low battery.

What does the Financial Time Report reveal?

According to the FT report, we came to know more about the upcoming project of the Amazon smart glasses. It won’t have the augmented reality skills, but it will have bone-conduction technology. However, it is risk for the Amazon because of the critics that the google smart glass faced earlier and also the price of the Google Specs with the augmented reality feature.


Moreover, Babak Parviz is a person who is responsible for creating the Amazon smart glasses and he is one of them who created the Google Glass. Amazon glasses will not have the camera which shows Amazon thinking for public care. It is expected that the Amazon will release the smart glasses with a pair of digital earbuds, before the end of this year. The Amazon hasn’t officially announce either it will launch the smart glasses or a new home security camera system. And also the launch date or the launch event name is still kept under the dark.