A Great Surprise for Huawei’s Fans- Huawei is working on Foldable Device and Soon Hit by 2018


We have been seen several new features and technologies in the smartphone world. The trend has been started from dual camera setup, bezel-less design, face recognition, and so on. However, the bezel-less smartphones and foldable devices could soon be very popular on 2018. Recently, ZTE released the Axon M foldable device and Samsung is working on its long rumoured Galaxy X foldable handset. Therefore, after Samsung and ZTE, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei is also reportedly working on the foldable smartphone and it is confirmed at the launch event of Huawei Mate 10 series handsets.

Huawei’s CEO Interview with CNET

In an interview with CNET, the above-stated info is officially announced by the Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu. He confirmed to CNET that, the firm has a working prototype model for a foldable device, but still need some improvements in terms of its mechanical design and flexible screen technology before its launch.

However, their working sample model has two displays just like the newly launched ZTE Axon M and he stated that their displays have a small gap between the screens. So, he says these gaps need to be improved before the device hit the market. According to Yu, the Huawei’s upcoming foldable smartphone will be rolled out in the market by 2018. Therefore, the device will make a collision with the Samsung’s 2018 Galaxy X foldable phone.

Moreover, the CNET asked Yu, Does Huawei will challenge for the title of biggest smartphone vendor? For this, Richard Yu said currently Huawei has been ranking the third position in the smartphone industry. We will soon reach the first position and will definitely overtake the Samsung and Apple. That’s our destiny, nobody can stop us!

Overall, this is what the information we have gathered so far. Unfortunately, there is no other information of this phone right now. But, if the firm solves their current issues from this device, then it will be a great innovation in 2018. Let’s wait and see.