5 Cheapest Wearable Devices: What Are They And Are They Any Good?


Want to know the latest and cheapest wearable devices on the market? We’ve taken 5 of the most competitively-priced tech in the marketplace to compare their value for money.

5. Samsung Gear Fit – $270

The latest in the Gear range, the Fit allows you to easily control basic functions such as controlling alarms, quick reply to messages and reject calls with messages. It includes a heart rate sensor, giving you real time coaching, helping you to reach your fitness goals. It’s a robust bit of kit, both dust and water resistant and is wearable 24/7.

The world’s first curved Super AMOLED wearable device, the Gear Fit wraps comfortably around your wrist, giving you all the information you need, thanks to its continuous connection to your Samsung Galaxy device. Though it’s the priciest item in this list, it’s arguable the most innovative and ticks a variety of boxes for user convenience.

4. Jawbone Up24 – $160

It’s worth mentioning for the rest of the smart device marketplace that the Jawbone gets some serious points for Gryffindor for its device compatibility over the Galaxy Gear. Whilst the Gear is exclusive if not to Galaxy/Android systems, then it certainly is to Samsung. The Jawbone can be synced to iOS or Android apps, allowing many consumers with Apple products to benefit from its services.

Described as both sporty and smart, the Up24 is one of the most fashionable and lightweight fitness-tracking wearables available. It’s an attractive app and wireless connectivity means that there is no need to take off the device between syncs. On the downside, the device does not have a display, so workout stats cannot be requested without an app sync. This is no doubt a downer for someone wanting progress reports! There is still a gap in its market as well, as anyone with a Windows 8 phone or other non-compatible device will need to find an alternative option.

3. Polar S1 Foot Pod – $120

polar s1 foot pod

We could spend the whole article talking about wristwear, so it’s time we looked at a different area, and it’s the feet! The Polar S1 is described as essential a part of your training as your running shoes. It accurately measures distance and running speed and though it’s attached to your shoe laces, the tiny size and weight of the device make it almost unnoticeable, meaning you can train without affecting your performance.

2. Sony Walkman Wireless Waterproof Headphones – $86.50

Sony Walkman Wireless Waterproof Headphones

This is a genuinely exciting entry – Waterproof headphones! This isn’t a gimmick or a misleading name, people reviewing these headphones have taken them for a swim, casually listening to their music without a care in the world! With an ergonomic and flexible design, the headphones fit snugly in your ears and have no need to be attached to clothing or goggles. Just 3 minutes of charging provide 60 minutes of music playback, and a full charge will offer 8 hours of battery life. For under $100 and offering something completely different in this list, these are a definite buy.

1. Mesoamerica Digital Bluetooth Sport Sunglasses – $70.00

Mesoamerica Digital Bluetooth Sport Sunglasses

These sport sunglasses offer a variety of benefits to the user – listen to stereo music through Bluetooth connectivity, change the tone of your vision with 3 different pairs of detachable lens and make changes on the go with touch controls.

These stylish sunglasses are of outstanding value for money, the cheapest wearable devices compared today at under $85. Not limited to aiding visibility and fashion, you can answer calls and use voice navigation, ideal for users living an adventurous lifestyle. The Bluetooth has an impressive range of up to 10 meters, so the connection does not suffer if your phone is in your bag or pocket. Overall, an affordable and stylish buy. On the downside, a mainstream manufacturer (other than Google) is yet to produce these for the masses, therefore confidence in the reliability of this device may suffer.