4 Best Android Apps that aren’t available on Google Play Store


According to Google, there are more than 1.4 billion active users of Android in the world and its increasing day by day.

Well, in that scenario, it won’t be wrong if I say that Soon, Android will rule the industry.

What makes Android So Popular:

To understand this, we must think about the need of a normal phone user.

Well, in my thinking, a normal user wants a user-friendly, secure and customizable phone with lots of amazing features.

Before Android, the industry was completely depended on Windows, Symbian, and some other Operating Systems.

Giant phone makers like Samsung and HTC were making phones based on Windows and Symbian, which obviously weren’t too much customizable and user-friendly.

Using an Android Phone, you can get something new daily. You can customize your phone as per as your need using third party apps.

And the best part is, you don’t have to search for apps on the web, unlike Symbian OS. Google has Android App’s Library (Google Play Store), from where you can download apps and use.


Why some apps get removed from Play Store:

Well, there could be several reasons for Google removing apps from App Store. In simple words, Google has ‘set of rules/policies’ for app developers and if anyone fails to follow, their apps get removed.

What user can do in such situation:

If you don’t find the app in Play Store, you can search for it on the web (like we used to do in Symbian).

There are several mind-blowing apps, which are removed from Play Store by Google, but even though you can install it in your phone using its apk file.

4 Useful Apps which are Removed from Play Store:

Here I have come up with 4 best apps, which are removed from Play store, but you can install it by downloading it from the third party.

  1. TubeMate – Watching videos online (on YouTube) isn’t always possible, so most of us want to download it in our phone memory. Now you can do the same using Tubemate. Just open the video (as you open in youtube) using Tubemate app and then click on the down array button on the top panel of the app. It will pop-up the available formats for that video. Just click on whatever format you want to download and download will start in seconds.
  2. MediaRiver – This app is basically a downloading solution. It consists a search engine, which lets you search your desired, video, wallpaper, music, books, apps etc. Once the search is done, you can download any of them.
  3. VideoMix – If you are die hard fan of movies and TV Series, then this app is perfect for you. VideoMix has a huge database of movies and TV Series, which you can stream online.
  4. SCR Pro – The best app to record screen. It records your android screen (as video) in high quality and also captures the internal/external sound, which means you can create tutorials using this app.

But before downloading and using any of these apps, remember, it could be unethical, illegal or unsafe. So, try it at your own risk.