2014 Kindle: A cost worthy gadget for all e-book readers


2014 Kindle: A cost worthy gadget for all e-book readers



The Kindle 2014 comes at quite a reasonable price and it is equipped with Touchscreen, wifi and provides swift access to the e-books of Amazon in a clean-looking and simple package form. The capacity has been double as compared to the previous version and i.e. 4GB. The processor is also a little bit zipper than the previous model.

Bottom Line

If you want a perfect ink e-reading experience, then this Kindle version is the right choice. Although it does not come with integrated lighting system, still overall it is a superb product for book lovers. The price is also reasonable, which means there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket.

The number of e-book readers is significantly rising with the passing time. Usually, buying a Kindle means a lot of expenses, but with this 2014 Kindle model, now book lovers can easily read as much as they want. This Kindle is no doubt the best choice if you have a limited budget. This may not provide you with loads of options and amazing features, but it is completely worth the money you spend. You can get almost all the basic features that one may need in a Kindle, which us certainly not a bad deal for a price as low as $79. In Australia, it is AU$111, and £59 in UK.


2014 Kindle at the entry level

This 2014 Kindle is presently standing at the entry level in the line up. Just like the topping Voyage, this is also completely a new Kindle. But the difference is that unlike Voyage it is really not that exciting and superb. The Touchscreen allows readers to access the interface smoothly without any hassle, which was missing in the previous entry-level Kindle, updated last in the year 2012.

In comparison to other e-readers

This model is rated as generic-looking and as compared to the rest of the entry-level e-readers this is engineered in a much better style. It weight around 191 grams or 6.7 ounces with a measurement of10.2 mm or 0.40 inch thick. Its utilitarian and clean design also makes it better than the other e-readers model. Storing documents and e-books is completely flexible with this version of Kindle, the 4 GB memory storage allows to store around 1000 e-books together or even more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity today and get one for yourself now!




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